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Tháng ba
Going into your garage to sit on your motorcycle, because it's still too "out of season" for use.
I put the springer front end on my chopper, and did some February 'garage racing' afterwards.
viết bởi D. Gould 20 Tháng hai, 2006
87 92
Tháng ba
The imaginary rescue vehicle that will rescue you from someone's incessant whining over a trivial matter. Used mockingly, but in good humor.
"Somebody call the whambulance, Stacy broke a nail."
viết bởi FiYoG 10 Tháng mười, 2004
652 129
Tháng hai
Obsession and erotic enjoyment derived from the mere thinking of Apple(tm) Nano Ipod or its accessories
user1: until then, IPOD CASES!!!!
seriously. i'd get a nano just to have those SEXXXXAY cases.
user2: um we going or are u just going to have nanogasms

viết bởi Jpspiderman 25 Tháng một, 2006
57 287
Tháng hai
The process of getting ready for a fight, stemming from the process of lacing up boxing gloves, or to beat or knock some one out in a fight.
1."You best get laced up sucka!"
2."He got laced up on Broadway by some fool he didn't even know"
viết bởi logikflux 29 Tháng mười hai, 2004
226 109
Tháng hai
Credit Whore (CW) is someone that does something nice just so they can bring it to everyone's attention and get credit for it.
Credit Whore is someone who puts money in tip jar and then shouts, "I just put a dollar in the tip jar".

viết bởi E. C. 04 Tháng hai, 2006
277 56
Tháng hai
A mathematical term used to describe how extreme a mullet hairstyle is. It is found by comparing how long the hair on top of the head is compared to how long the hair hangs at the back of the neck.
"What is your mullet ratio?"
"It's a half inch on top; and sixteen inches at the back."
"...that's a bitchin' mullet!"
viết bởi PeaTearGriffin 23 Tháng hai, 2006
214 43
Tháng hai
Noun: an email assault so vicious in tone the recipient loses an eye to you.

Verb: to textually assault an individual via the internet.
Bennet: Jenny is such a shrew - she tried to get me fired.
John: let off some steam Bennet, send her an anonymous emaul.
viết bởi Grae 17 Tháng một, 2006
181 76