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94 definitions by Amber

i dont know...i am trying to findit out
im not homophobic...i do eat a hotdog from the middle
viết bởi amber 15 Tháng tư, 2004
5 44
When the testicals of a man slap the chin of a person giving him head.
*smack smack smack*


*smack smack smack*

"Yeah, baby you're doing great."

*smack smack smack*
viết bởi Amber 22 Tháng tư, 2005
16 61
to lick a girls pussy
i want you to eat me out so fucking bad!
viết bởi amber 26 Tháng hai, 2004
119 165
a bitch face is one whoe pisses people off by means of stupidity and or dumbassedness see {fuck face}
you stupid bitch face get the fuck over here
viết bởi amber 06 Tháng ba, 2004
99 152
she is a wheatcracker that has no life. she thinks she is cool adn everything. her real name is Emily Jane.Also. she is my best friend and i <3 her to death. no majer how much she hits me. this is why i love her.
"gosh ej. your such a loser. you puta. stop hitting me asshole.ilove you though"
viết bởi amber 31 Tháng một, 2005
10 65
lil fizz
mmmhmm lil fizz is cute
viết bởi amber 22 Tháng mười một, 2003
6 63
fuckin asshole
I can't he cheated on me again!! That friggin a!!!
viết bởi Amber 21 Tháng mười, 2003
27 89