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3 definitions by Dark Fish

One who leaves at least 3 ounces of beer left in a 12 ounce can.
Man somebody really leebubed that beer.
viết bởi Dark Fish 05 Tháng hai, 2010
One who gets drunk off of a six pack of beer and starts talking really loud.
Damn, you are drunk already??? You need to slow the fuck down before you get Kyle Berry'd.
viết bởi Dark Fish 15 Tháng hai, 2010
Jakeing - the process in which someone knowingly bites into a boiling hot, right off the grill, piece of food.
Jim - "You better wait until that hot pocket cools, Bob"

Bob - "Fuck that I'm about to Jake this mother fucker"

Brad- "Look at that fool he is Jakeing that lava hot hot pocket"
viết bởi Dark Fish 26 Tháng bảy, 2012