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A sub-genre of drum n' bass that orginated with Ed Rush & Optical. It usually uses harsher and darker sounds and synths than techstep, and is generally spinned at a faster bpm to create a psycho-killer effect. It is the most heavily distortioned drum 'n bass. It is the preferred style of drum 'n bass for the criminally insane, eastern-europeans and russians. Leading artists: Noisia, Spor, Engage, & Custom Soldierz.
Dude, after listnening to that sick neuro-funk, I just want to decapitate Santa Claus in a kindergarten class.

"Neurofunk is the fun-free culmination of jungle's strategy of cultural resistance: the eroticization of anxiety."
viết bởi For2 07 Tháng năm, 2010
noun portmanteau

1. very short person who is also a jerk.

2. a group of smurfs who are closely seated next to each other in the form of a circle for the purpose of jerking each other off.

3. someone who is desperate enough to jerk off a smurf for money.
Bro 1: "OH MY FUCKING GOD?! Do they ever raise the height limits on the damn Superman Ride? UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE."
Bro 2: "Dude, don't be such a smurfjerk".

Dud 3: "Yo guess what I just saw: Kelsey and Chelsea making out.. huzzahhh."
Dud 4 (after taking DMT): "I guess that's fine considering I secretly fell in love with a scorpion who convinced the beaver-king of letting me join a secret underground smurfjerk. I can't really describe how I felt during the whole experience."

Ho 5: "That guy was tiny yooo, I had no choice but to give him a 50% discount for a lil' smurfjerk".
viết bởi For2 18 Tháng năm, 2010
The urge people get once inside an elevator to stare compulsively at the ascending numbered lights (usually on top of the elevator doors) either because they are truly convinced this will speed up the whole 'process' or they are simply socially-awkward beings who can't bear to look at random people in the face for 30 seconds.
Mo:"Dude so I was talking to this chick.."
--elevator opens--
Toño Bicicleta: "Call you back Mo I have to stare at the floor 'till I get off the vator or else I have to talk to these people".
Mo: "Sounds like a bad case of the elevator reflex yo, you should go get checked."
viết bởi For2 14 Tháng năm, 2010
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