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2 definitions by Horng Wang

Mandarin Slang for "breasts"
An American tourist woke up from a coma in Taiwan after celebrating the New Millenium party on New Years eve 2000. Where he commented to a local girl who was wearing a good-bye '99 T-shirt. " WOw you have big Nei Nei (Nine-Nines) tonight" go figure...
viết bởi Horng Wang 11 Tháng năm, 2006
An Australian Financial Institution. HQ in Melbourne. The largest bank by market capitalisation on the Australian Stock Exchange as of March 2006. Well known for its "Homicide" and trading scandals.
Aussie: I am going to NAB for a deposit

American: @$#%?
viết bởi Horng Wang 02 Tháng tư, 2006