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Expletive. An expression of awe and appreciation. From the blending of "Mother of God" and "mother fuck."
"Mother of Fuck, what a sweet ass."
"Mother of Fuck, you were hot last night."
#mother #fuck #mother-fuck #expletive #awe #appreciation
viết bởi Khizzar 19 Tháng năm, 2008
Socially envious and competitive, seeking to get ahead of one's friends. Whereas "competitive" has a broad range of application, including athletics and business, "competitious" refers exclusively to social jockeying.
"How come she's so competitious? She's not even a viable competitor for him."
#competition #envy #jealousy #advantage #neurosis
viết bởi Khizzar 15 Tháng năm, 2008
After a woman shaves her pussy, the hair gradually grows back. After four or five days, it reaches the hobo stage. After a week or more, the stage is called "sailor."
Example 1, he to her: "Oh, I see you're at the hobo stage again."
Example 2, she to him, "Watch out, there's a hobo down there!"
#pussy #snatch #shave #vagina #bald
viết bởi Khizzar 27 Tháng mười một, 2009
A blow job given a man wearing a condom. Named after the Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore, who received a broken baloon for his birthday and enjoyed picking it up with his mouth and moving it into and out of a jar.
"Shit, man, I'm not giving you an Eeyore, take that thing off!"
#blow job #condom #oral sex #fellatio #lips
viết bởi Khizzar 06 Tháng mười một, 2007
Falsies; a severly padded bra.
"Of course I fucked her. It was Friday night, she'd borrowed her sister's gag boobs for the evening, it was a golden opportunity."
#bra #falsies #breasts #boobs #tits
viết bởi Khizzar 29 Tháng một, 2008
Fucking instead of food.
Nosy co-worker: "Did you boyfriend make eggs for you this morning?"
Self: "Umm. We had a continental breakfast."
#sex #breakfast #food #continental breakfast #fuck
viết bởi Khizzar 09 Tháng tư, 2010
"See her tits floppin around? Those girls should be in a harness."
#tits #boobs #breasts #titties #charlies
viết bởi Khizzar 11 Tháng bảy, 2008
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