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What used to be a criminal oath of solemn silence corrupted to being an act of police non compliance.

The idea of stop snitching is to ensure fellow criminals do not rat each other out when arrested. So if a drug dealer sells drugs, both the buyer and seller are the sole liability of the crime. They will not drag the other criminal in for a softer sentence or for protection from retribution and is fully responsible for his actions.

This code should not and does not affect innocents and should confess to allow the criminal to be arrested quicker. Even if they are of the same race. So being mugged by another guy in your neighbourhood would mean you can confess to who was responsible for it.

Very popular among rap artists who have promoted this message as a means to fight the law enforcement who have in the past worsened relations on both sides
What Stop Snitchin really meant back then:

Joe bought a piece off some gunrunner where he used it to kill a friend of another gang member, Joe was busted and was asked about who bought him the gun. As part

What Stop Snitchin means now:

Despite being attacked by a well known mugger, Jim refused to bring the criminal to justice and claims it would be snitching.
viết bởi Linguo Dude 29 Tháng sáu, 2011
Songs that is meant to provoke a feeling of sexual lust in the bedroom or nightclubs. Often characterized by sexual lyrics and suggestions for sexual activities.
-A couple of the guys went to the Rihanna Loud tour concert, "Skin" was one of her bedroom bangers and her moves backed up her lyrics. A lot of them were both aroused and pissed off when a girl got on stage to be lapdanced by Rihanna.

-I invited my girl last night to chill at my place, started making out with her over a bedroom banger from Usher.
viết bởi Linguo Dude 28 Tháng sáu, 2011
A pathetic or defensive measure nerds with social problems take to avoid being thrown out of a convention for being a creeper. Due to their lack of experience with women and an outright paranoia of security throwing him out. The Hover Hand Technique is like a photo version of a thigh job. You are less likely to get thrown out of a con that way than if you actually held on to the girl and the girl cries sexual harassment.
Joe was at an anime convention with his friend Dan, while Dan was an atypical nerd with relatively good looks, Joe was anything but charming and had concerns about taking photos with a cute maid cosplay. While Dan went straight in for the kill with one photo having him grab the girl by her hip and later made a kissing face on her cheek. Joe was happy to hover hand over the same girl.

Dan wasn't so lucky when the manager of the maid group threw his ass out of the con. Dan went off to get drinks at the bar where he can be at home with his kind of people whereas Joe remain in the con.
viết bởi Linguo Dude 04 Tháng bảy, 2013
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