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Let me first say I am a Jehovah's Witness so what I am going to say is what we actaully believe in.

Jehovah is the name of God and we are His witnesses to carry on His word through the Bible.

We do not believe in the Trinity, Jehovah is God and Jesus is His son.

We believe blood transfusions are wrong and this is because in the Bible it says not to use the blood of others (or at least in that similiar sense)

We are NOT a cult if we get money it is from members of the Kingdom Hall we don't just knock on your door and say Hey can we have your money.

We come to your door because we want everyone to have knowledge of Jehovah (and when we come to your door we show respect and it would be nice to get it in return)
We don't celebrate the holidays because they are considered pagen so we do not particpate.

We follow the Bible it points us in the right direction and gives us faith and allows us to gain knowledge of Jehovah and His son Jesus.

We also believe that once you die you are cleared of your sins and you can live in paradise but if you try to go back to sinful ways you will be gone.

We believe there is not a Hell where you burn for eternity because of a life of wrong-doing and everyone does not go to Heaven only the chosen few, when you die the dead are unconcious of everything but you will be awaken by Jesus to live in the world of paradise.

I might not be right about every aspect but this is what I have learned through my father and I am only 16 so I have time to correct myself. I just wanted to do this because so many have a wrong impression of the people who are the same religion as me, and I wanted to give them correct information.
Jehovah's Witnesses are like normal people and just try to spread knowledge so everyone has the same oppurtunity.
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viết bởi Melly :-) 23 Tháng mười hai, 2008
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