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3 definitions by Nook Logan

the opposite of lukewarm. Used to describe something that should be cold but is only moderately cool.
Krapf: "This is soda is cool at best."
Levens: "It's rather vadercold isn't it?"
viết bởi Nook Logan 21 Tháng ba, 2008
Having the ability to make Skype video conferences mentally with no computer necessary. However this does require an Skype username.
Hiker 1: I can't wait to video conference with my girlfriend so she can see these beautiful mountains

Hiker 2: How can you possibly do that. We have no phones, computers, or internet service

Hiker 1: Didn't you know that I'm a skypic? I can just do it from my mind.
viết bởi Nook Logan 17 Tháng một, 2011
The quality of being very old.
Lou Holtz is very krapf
viết bởi Nook Logan 03 Tháng mười hai, 2007