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2 definitions by NorwegianWood

A roundhouse dick is a spinning cock-slap, usually directed at a persons face.
A roundhouse dick could also be unintentional, as a result of a failed Helicopter for example.

I have actually witnessed this live, as in the example...
Nathaniel swung around with the intention of waving his genitals around, but instead gave Linda a Roundhouse Dick to the face.
viết bởi NorwegianWood 31 Tháng mười, 2011
2 1
A "Loner" is a perfectly good Boner, with nobody around to enjoy it but yourself.
When Jessy went to work I was left wit.h a raging Loner
viết bởi NorwegianWood 31 Tháng mười, 2011
6 22