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An individual, usually male, that attires oneself in Western Wear for the sole purpose of engaging in intercourse. Normally has no logical reason for said attire, as the individual in question is usually not from the midwest, did not grow up on a ranch, and did not have a career attempting to remain upright on an angry bull.

Usually spotted at "Line Dancing Night", or in major metropolitan areas, hundreds of miles away from the nearest real "Cowboys".

Identified by; large, shiny belt buckle, excruciatingly tight "Wrangler" jeans, cowboy boots, plaid or sewn-design long-sleeve shirt (tucked into above mentioned jeans), and a pre-requisite "Cowboy" hat. The most desperate will also showcase a "Bolo" Tie, which can be used to strangle the offending "wannabe".

Will be easily reconizable in a group (esp. while dancing) due to first two inches of the fingers being trapped in the pockets of the jeans (theoretically due to their extreme constriction). Dancing will resemble a man playing pocket-pool while being Tasered.

Favors weak, tasteless, flaccid beer such as "Budweiser" or "Coors".
"Look at that cowboy wannabe, the only heiffer he's touched today is that fat girl he's grinding on."
#loser #dick-head #wanna-be #trailer trash #douche #nascar #country-western
viết bởi Potty-Mouth 12 Tháng tám, 2006
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