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1:The packaging of chocolate or peanut butter fudge into a box.
My dad is known for his fudge packing at the local candy store. Children and adults alike come miles to get their fudge packed by him.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 27 Tháng bảy, 2006
1:A big thud to a man's pud
2:A legendary online player on Star Wars Battlefront II, known for his battle cry "YOU'VE BEEN PUNCHED.....IN THE COCK!"
Dude my manhood hurts after that dick nasty cock punch.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 27 Tháng bảy, 2006
1: When a woman is walking around naked and gets stung by a bee on a vag lip. It causes great swelling and orgasmic satisfaction.
The crazy nudist ho got a vagina sting and fell into an orgasmic rage.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 27 Tháng bảy, 2006
1: During intercourse, the male places a monkey mask over their face and jumps about wildy, while rubbing there penis so frantically the friction makes the penis feel red hot. The man then proceeds to stick his penis into a woman and screams like an orangutaun. The sensation is as intense as placing one's penis into a toaster. The woman is so confused by the screaming that she forces the penis out of her vagina/ass with her muscles. This is like bread popping out of a toaster.
Last night was so wild, I gave this chick an orangutaun toaster. She was so scared she ran outta the house ass naked.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 08 Tháng tám, 2006
1: A dripping wet vagina. Usually results from impure thoughts about penis or other chicks vags. Can also result from a loving touch every now and again.
Ashleigh has a sopping snatch.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 02 Tháng tám, 2006
1: Medically, this is when someone recieves an enema and cannot contain the pressure long enough. Due to the pressure the patient continuously begins "blowing ass" all over the nurse or doctor. The result is little speckles, or lucky charms, all over their face and/or body.

2: The best fucking cereal. EVAR.
1: Honey, how'd your day at work go? Some guy blew ass all over my face during an enema and got lucky charms all over me.

2: I love Lucky Charms so much I shit my pants.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 08 Tháng tám, 2006
1: Placing your testicles over an open flame, such as a bunsen burner, and then shaking your nuts over someones face while they sleep. This causes your burnt pubic hair to cover their face.
Dude, I woke up this morning and had char-broiled sprinkles all over my face. That shit is gross.
viết bởi Roy Sanchez 08 Tháng tám, 2006
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