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Emo poetry is uslually written with pain. When the emo girl/boy expirences something they dont like to talk about or it just hurts to much they would most likley write poetry about it.

Normaly poetry isnt explaining it. Its more of a puzzle. But... Something you have to think about for a minute. Sometimes they put reasons for the things they write at the end. There are many types of emo poetry, some are joyfull then suddenly drop to pure sadness. Some are even sick.
This is an example of Emo Poetry written by an Emo Girl-

The light is dimming.
I’m getting weaker.
My breathing gets harder at every breath.
Now Harder.
People around me.
I think.
Otherwise Angels.
Or demons.
I cant tell.
I don’t care.
Tell me you love me,
and that everything will be alright between you and me.
That we can be friends again.
That you don’t love her.
It just might be my life.
I feel my body hit the ground.
whatever they are,
yelling or maybe talking.
I don’t know.
You just don’t say anything.
You only sit there,
not knowing anything that’s happening to me.
My heart skips a beat.
And Before I know it,
my life falls to pieces.
viết bởi Shaylyn 17 Tháng tám, 2006
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