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Forget man-eating spiders- moths are the pinnacle of evil scary bugs!
Just imagine a tiny butterfly capable of flying straight down your earhole and driving you crazy, except that moths aren't pretty lil' butterflies at all... they are ugly yet clever little turds who find their way into your room at night and fly around the lampshade, casting a huge shadow on the wall which looks like a demented pigeon, which causes you to soil yourself and go sleep on the couch downstairs. (Which, by the way, is where all the spiders are hiding. But you end up eating them in your sleep anyway so it's not so bad...)
I suppose you could say I have a teeny weeny problem with moths, BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME??? MOTHS ARE PURE EVIL!!!
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 04 Tháng chín, 2004
A washed up super hero who practices law and has to face the troubles of life as an attorney.
(To the other guy: He doesn't 'dress' as a bird. He IS a bird- it's his super hero asset, remember?)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 14 Tháng mười, 2004
The name given to a technical exercise (also known as 'rudiments') performed on a drum... by a drummer, consisting of an alternating pattern using both left and right hands. There are many types of Paradiddle, for example:
(R= right hand L= left hand)
Standard Paradiddle: RLRR LRLL RLRR LRLL
Inverted Paradiddle: RLLR LRRL RLLR LRRL
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 11 Tháng mười hai, 2004
that will be all...
the name of Simba's father in disney's 'the lion king' is MUFASA, not MOOFASA!
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 12 Tháng bảy, 2004
a.k.a. Scott Adams.
The ULTIMATE townie. A pathetic 'tracksuit wearing' retard, who resembles that of a pig and a monkey combined. For some unknown reason, townie females seem to adore this particular feature belonging to pig monkey, although the non-retarded among you will clearly see that he is nothing but a PIGMONKEY! (uk only!)
Pig Monkey: *townie mumbo-jumbo* You'z ladyz iz so fit innit? You'z iz a fine piece'o'work Innit? Innit? Innit?
female townies: Awww! He'z sooo fit... oh maaah gawd! Innit? Innit? Innit?
Normal people: Erm, yeah... we'll just be leaving now. *All leave promptly before townie mating frenzy begins*
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 12 Tháng bảy, 2004
what 'disney' movies have become now that they have joined forces with 'pixar' for an eternity... you decide:
a) fuckin awesome
b) fuckin awful
viết bởi The Paradiddle Pro 18 Tháng mười, 2004
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