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A prominent member of the punk/metal crew at mountianview. Drunkenduncan first got his name due to the fact that he spent the better part of freshman year drunk out of his mind, and sophmore year... screw it, he's always drunk. The best part is, he's the only true punk kid that refuses to wear the standard dress code, but courduroys and a white t-shirt. Duncan has been known to lay a heavy hand on the beer runs, using his technique called the shuffle, wich is described as not a walk, but just slow enough to not be a run, but if that fails, he can always just get on the news with a bottle of tequilla, or by tossing was mart employees on thier heads.It gets even more indifferen't. Possibly a virtuoso, drunken started playing guitar just before freshman year, and was recievng claim as a musician by the summer of last year. DrunkenDuncan has been involved in probably more felonies than he can count, and has been known to call out absolutely everybody on thier shit, so if youre gonna lie about youre alchohol tolerance, don't do it around him. he will call you out to a drink off, and if you don't keep up, youll come home with a black eye. possibly the most hardcore 4.0 student ever, drunken duncan claims that if a regular prep faggot were to hang out with him for 24 hours, there would be two outcomes, either the prep has died of alchohol poisoning in a forest, or he as an intense alchohol addiction, nine fingers, and will never shit right again... to say the least, isn't even eighteen.
drunken duncan has been known to drink roughly ten beers, and still be able to snake a case of beer at safeway, while falling down in the store by using his shuffle.
viết bởi Zach Zimmatore 09 Tháng năm, 2008
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