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The absolute shittiest fan base to ever walk the planet. They're hated among the metal community for their horrid actions and hideous attitudes. Most Directioners question why no one likes them when it really is quite obvious.

Most Directioners like to think that they're funny by being rude and cruel to others, when really they're all just a bunch of butt hurt pre-pubescent twelvies. Most likely, if you act like a majority of Directioners, you probably need Jesus.
Directioners: Alex Gaskarth should kill himself because he's an emo fag.

Directioners: Mitch Lucker probably killed himself because he's a weak emo fag.

Directioners: Mitch's 5 year old daughter should kill herself because her dad was an emo fag.


Everyone Else: Fuck you, you ignorant little twats.

Directioners: Why does everyone hate us?
viết bởi herpfagg0t 05 Tháng một, 2013
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