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Paul DiGiovanni, lead guitarist of popular self-proclaimed emo band, BOYSlikeGIRLS. Poolie is his nickname given to him by the fellow band members.
Paul DiGiovanni, otherwise known as Poolie, is love. <3
viết bởi iownyourface 18 Tháng một, 2008
I love how some people are like "i bet you all who hate scene kids were just rejected by your local scene group"
and i know through that whole thing scene kids are trying to defend themselves, but it makes you seem like even more of a stuck up bitch than previously assumed.

To me a scene kid is (generally..not always) some suburban kid pretending to be emo, but in actuallity their biggest problem is that they have no ACTUAL problems.

they think they're about the music, but they're not. they're about looking cool by pretending to be into the style of music that is "cool." they're all about fashion and criticize those who don't have the right style. they pretend to like hardcore/punk music. but if that were the case they wouldn't give two shits about what anyone else was wearing, that's what true punk rock is all about. it's a pathetic attempt at nonconformity, but they are just completely ruining the concept. it's not anarchy if EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT. they tend to love bands like paramore, escape the fate, boyslikegirls, panic! at the disco, fall out boy..etc etc and they think these bands are punk. i will admit that these are good bands, but they are far from punk..or hardcore.

i suggest every proud scene kid listen to Admit It!!! by Say Anything. It's about you. They're making fun of YOU.
there have been enough examples of scene kids given. most are pretty dead on.
viết bởi iownyourface 18 Tháng một, 2008
BOYSlikeGIRLS never claimed to be a punk rock band.
They are a self-proclaimed emo band, which is exactly on the mark. People often mistake punk and emo. BLG knows they're not punk. They get influence from punk music..but that's about it.

The band was really good when it was underground and stilll fresh back in 2006, but they're getting bigger and starting to sell out. They're crowds have become largely scene.
BOYS like GIRLS is a self-proclaimed EMO band. Never claiming to be punk..
viết bởi iownyourface 18 Tháng một, 2008
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