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3 definitions by stevehappens

When someone tweets so much that it becomes a problem, the friends of said person get together to host a Twittervention.

"Dude, I opened up my Twitter today and my entire page was filled with tweets from Jeff."


"Yeah, like he's tweeting every other minute."

"Oh man, I think it's time for a Twittervention."


"I'll call Sarah."
viết bởi stevehappens 16 Tháng ba, 2009
When co-workers engage in sexual intercourse
"What? Are you saying Susan had sex with Ryan in accounting?"

"Yes, they had intracourse."

"That's unbelievable."
viết bởi stevehappens 26 Tháng tư, 2009
Someone who tweets using the massive communications sensation known as Twitter.
"Yo dude, you twit?"

"You know it."


viết bởi stevehappens 03 Tháng ba, 2009