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5 definitions by sweetgrassnyc

When someone purposely tries to impregnate, or get pregnant in order to trap someone.
Im poking holes in the condom... Why? cuz it's Trapping Season!
viết bởi sweetgrassnyc 01 Tháng sáu, 2011
To verbally and physically abuse and/or control your spouse/boyfriend
I Francine'd that fool!!

I totally francine'd that muthaf*cker!

If he keeps cheating you NEED to Francine him!
viết bởi sweetgrassnyc 23 Tháng sáu, 2011
2 glasses of wine, followed by 2 shots of espresso

;Cures sleepless anxiety
;Normally a lunch time fix
Hey Stephanie! Lets go to that Irish Pub, then to Starbucks, cuz i need a double double STAT!
viết bởi sweetgrassnyc 02 Tháng chín, 2011
Can be either male or female; any of which who are open to having sex or down for whatever.
a dude trying to get a girls attention: "Yoo muma!"

A girl sees a dude on the street thats been trying to get with her "Eww that dudes a muma! no thanks!"
viết bởi sweetgrassnyc 22 Tháng tư, 2011
A chick that is DTF (down to fuck)
Yoo muma
viết bởi sweetgrassnyc 22 Tháng tư, 2011