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(noun) (pronounced scale- PUR) (verb: to scalp)

1) A random person selling tickets to an event (sporting games, concerts, etc.) on the side of the road. Usually this person is normal and just trying to sell an extra ticket.

2) Inversely, a scalper is also the term used for a person who is trying to buy a ticket from someone on the side of the road. This person just showed up at the event, hoping that someone would be selling an extra ticket.

*When scalping, price negotiation is acceptable.
**Be aware that if you obtain/sell a ticket, the person who sold/bought the ticket from you will most likely be sitting next to you at the event (if the ticket has an assigned seat) because people typically buy tickets with the seats together. This will only happen if the person you bought/sold the ticket too will also be in attendance at the actual event.
Joe: Did you get tickets for the game?
Bob: Nope, but I'm going to get there early and try to scalp a pair.
Joe: Good call. You'll probably get them for cheap.
Bob: I know, right?
Joe: Just be careful the scalper you buy them from is okay, because you're going to have to sit next to him the whole game.
Bob: Good call.

Sarah: I have an extra ticket for the concert tonight because Mary can't come.
Becca: You should definitely scalp the ticket to get some cash.
Sarah: Good call.
Becca: Be sure you sell it to someone decent because we're going to have to sit with her the entire show.
Sarah: Good call.
viết bởi whudupfx 25 Tháng ba, 2009
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