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How often one should smoke marijuana.
Smoke weed ERRDAY!
viết bởi Zeromus255 09 Tháng mười một, 2011
The condition that many sequels to successful films suffer from: re-hashing of plot points, shoving the best parts of the original back in your face until you almost hate it, ETC, all while trying to make the movie "bigger and better" than the original through the addition of an over-abundance of special effects, or new characters that you just dont care about (or, on some occasions, omitting major characters that people DID care about). Sequelitis can make one of 2 things happen: the third film will back off and be much better than the second, or part 2 will have been so awful that a 3rd never even gets made.
I dont remember there being a "Men in Black 2" until I saw it the other day, and now I remember why I forgot it to begin with. "Lets take a small joke and turn it into a main character!" Totally suffers from sequelitis.
viết bởi zeromus255 14 Tháng ba, 2012
The ultimate vocal response in Team Fortress 2, spoken by the Engineer. A single word so powerful that not even the greatest RAGE or trolling can counter its effects.
Player A: We'd probably be winning if we didnt have 5 engies building shit at the spawn

Engineer: NOPE

Disgruntled player A: RTV! NOMINATE! SCRAMBLE! This map sux111!! Youre all using HAX!!11!

Engineer: NOPE
viết bởi Zeromus255 03 Tháng mười, 2011
If you are the first person in line in a left-turn lane, a Boston Left is the act of pulling your car into the middle of the intersection and waiting until you can turn, whether or not the light has turned red. Its a way to "force" yourself through a light, because the opposing flow of traffic will be unable to proceed with you in the way.
"I dont care if the light is red or not, Im not waiting another 5 minutes to turn- Im pulling a Boston Left"
viết bởi Zeromus255 15 Tháng mười một, 2011
One who attempts to be a "Bro" so hard and on such a regular basis, you know it must be a full-time gig for them. Unfortunately for the Brofailssional, they miserably fail at the attempts and just wind up looking dumber than an actual Bro. In other words, a Bro who is a professional at failing. Typically the guy at parties who shows up by himself uninvited, nobody knows who they are, and when he tries to wedge himself into a crowd of people like hes their best BRO ever, they tell him to fuck off. He responds by calling them a faggot or trying to start a fight before moving onto the next group and repeating the process. Usually carries a half cup of pisswater beer around for hours without drinking it, generally brags about how much weed they smoke and how much pussy they get, even though they didnt show up with a girl OR any weed to share.
"Look at that dork over there wearing the sideways hat, thug T-shirt, saggy pants and skater shoes. Hes been going around the party all night calling everyone BRO, and when people tell him to fuck off he calls them a FAGGOT and moves onto the next group."

"Yeah, he didnt show up with any friends of his own, I dont think anyone knows him, and hes been carrying around the same half-full red plastic cup of Miller Lite for hours. What a brofailssional."
viết bởi zeromus255 17 Tháng mười, 2011
A place where ignorant forum-posters wind up; more specifically, the act of making such a fool of oneself on a message board/forum, where you are laughed at to such a degree by the community as a whole that you banish yourself out of embarassment, sometimes attempting to remove any evidence that you had posted anything at all (if possible). This includes deleting written posts and uploaded files, as well as changing one's username, or simply never returning to the site.
After Noobposter19 was slammed on by everyone on the board who actually knew what they were talking about, all of his posts magically disappeared the next day and nobody has heard from him since. I guess he was banished to LOLblivion.
viết bởi Zeromus255 11 Tháng mười, 2011

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