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1. Supporter, whether aberrosexual or not, of an extremist antisocial, anti-Life, anti-Family, anti-ecological, and rabidly anti-Christian Aberrosexualist ideology; supporter of a bigoted, extremist ideology that opposes the traditional Western concepts of human sexuality, monogamous marriage and the family.

2. (Sociology) Individual, whether aberrosexual or not, who agrees with and/or condones sexual behaviors, conducts, or practices that deviate from what is universally considered acceptable, normal, or typical.

3. (Psychology) Adherent, whether aberrosexual or not, to the opinion that sexual behaviors or practices universally considered aberrant or that deviate from what is natural, normal or typical, should not be viewed as harmful, unhygienic or unhealthy.

4. (Politics) (usually capital) Member, whether aberrosexual or not, of any of the extremist political pressure groups that advocate legalizing and/or forcing society to accept sexual behaviors, conducts or practices universally considered aberrant or that deviate from what is natural, normal or typical.


1. (Psychology & Sociology) Relating to, characteristic of, or resembling Aberrosexualism.

2. (Life Sciences) Pertaining or related to the extremist Aberrosexualist, sexual-behavior-driven political ideology or agenda.

3. (Politics) Supporting, advocating, or serving to further Aberrosexualist ideology: Aberrosexualist propaganda.

Synonym: homosexualist; Antonym: orthosexual
1. Like most aberrosexuals, Steve totally disagrees with the irrational, anti-Life, anti-Family, anti-ecological Aberrosexualist ideology.

2. Aberrosexualists have no right to represent or speak on behalf of the vast majority of aberrosexuals who are discreet, nonviolent and respectful of social mores.

3. The Aberrosexualist ideology is contrary to common sense, the common good, public health, and the best interests of our nation’s children and families.

4. It’s important to make the distinction between an “aberrosexual,” or one who suffers from aberrosexualism, and an “aberrosexualist,” or a bigoted extremist who wants to impose on society the irrational Aberrosexualist ideology.

All so-called ''scientific, research-based'' articles and papers put out by Aberrosexualist groups and individuals are ideologically driven. The use of Aberrosexualist-crafted, politically-charged propaganda terms such as "gay" for aberrosexual, "gay community" for aberrosexual population, "gay lifestyle" for aberrosexual practices or behavior, "gay marriage" for aberrosexual pseudo-marriage, "gay rights" for aberrosexual privileges, “sexual orientation” for sexual preference or sexual behavior, etc., is really a deceptive, misleading and unethical abuse of language. Aberrosexualist-concocted terminology is astutely used to attempt to legitimize Aberrosexualist ideology and to subconsciously drill it in the public mind.
viết bởi Ortho Communicator 28 Tháng sáu, 2010
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