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Is an Electronic Book Reader (E-Book). They have made 2 editions. The Kindle 1 & 2. The Kindle hardware devices use an electronic paper display and download content over Amazon Whispernet using the Sprint EVDO network. Kindle hardware devices can be used without a computer, and Whispernet is accessible without any fee.They also have an app for the iPhone & the iPod Touch called the 'Kindle for iPhone'. There has been alot of criticism over the Kindle stating that it should atleast try to compete with todays technology & PDA's & such. The Kindle has to depend on Sprints celular network which can have low signals at times. In my opinion I think that it should come with fun features on the side such as, Opera mini web browser, Flash support for live streaming, WiFi, If its on the Sprint network then it should be SMS enabled, With a Micro SD card slot. And maybe even a touch screen. Then maybe it'll be worth its price (Which is $359, I think that if it had these features that maybe it would go up to atleast $400 which still wouldnt be that bad. Why would you pay close to $400 dollars for something that only reads books?) Anyway the Amazon Kindle 1 & 2 runs on a standerdized Linux 2.6.10 Kernel.
I don't really have an example for the Amazon Kindle. Its alright but it would be more kick ass if it had more features.
#amazon kindle #amazon #sprint #linux #e book #reader #electronic book
viết bởi Kweezy157 05 Tháng tư, 2009
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