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1. The ability to masturbate with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.

2. The ability to preform hand jobs with either the left or right hand with equal and identical efficiency.
1. Hey Jack, what's with the hairy palms on BOTH hands, man?

Oh that, yah I'm ambi-dick-trous.

2. Damn man, look at Jack tear it up in that circle jerk. He must be ambi-dick-trous.
viết bởi Tacoma Beags 27 Tháng ba, 2011
29 6
The ability to masturbate using the right or left hand equally well.
I broke my right hand, but there is nothing to worry about because I'm Ambidicktrous.
viết bởi JuggaloCujo 01 Tháng tám, 2007
6 4
Able to use your dick with both hands.
With a huge smile, Jon gleefully danced as he held himself ambidicktrously.
viết bởi Tbar 25 Tháng một, 2014
1 0
Being able to jerk off with both hands
When I broke my wrist, i taught myself to be ambidicktrous.
viết bởi Dawgin 25 Tháng mười một, 2012
0 0
Being able to masturbate using either hand.
John: I Was watching some hot porn last night
Simon: But i thought you fractured your wrist?
John: I did, but I'm ambidicktrous
viết bởi Say-Watt? 29 Tháng năm, 2012
0 0
The ability for a female to give a hanski, with or without a blowjob, to a penis equally well with both hands.
Amie's ambidicktrous ability was toe curling! She sucked you off in one hand and me in the other. Fucking amazing!
viết bởi Super Hormoan 07 Tháng mười hai, 2008
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