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An amazingly friendly drunk, who is always there when you need him. Incredibly intelligent and knowledgable in everything useless.
Holy crap that dude is so beefchip.

Did you meet beefchip yet? He is over there delivering that woman's baby while chugging a bottle of jack daniels.
viết bởi Noneofyourbusiness987654321 02 Tháng chín, 2012
A crusty person male/female. Who lives with his family. His mom the pig who squeals to much about what ever. His dad the horse taller then his mom by alot and stays away from her sleeping with the donkey. The goat the old dead lady in the corner of the barn.
Look around you and what do you see.
viết bởi fona_wakatoshy 23 Tháng tư, 2004