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A mental disorder with physical appearance-related discriminatory origins, similar to heightism in which a taller/bigger man can't bring himself to respect a proficient yet smaller man (and is unfriendly, ignorant, disrespectful or obnoxious to), but is openly considerate and chummy to men his size or taller... whom might or might not be proficient. A common condition affecting all workings of male pecking orders, but usually more openly evident behavior in teenage males, gang culture, young adults and Business professionals. Scientists believe it to be a pass-down of "primitive instincts" where the bigger men of old protected their tribe from wild animals and trespassing rivals from neighboring tribes, so were collectively deemed higher status than the smaller males.
"Nigel was a small man of 5ft6, the most talented and influential man at work, yet he was overlooked for promotion to a leadership role in favor of James, 6ft2, who's credentials and work flow weren't nearly as on a par. I guess Nigel's bosses had a case of Big Man Love."

"The all-male Engineering class disregarded Rupert, 5ft3, when they where asked to form groups of six for the college assignment."
viết bởi anodious 20 Tháng chín, 2009
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