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The Lowland Brorilla (Homo Chestius), is a species of hairless gorilla that reside in gyms throughout North America. Traits are overdeveloped pectoral and biceps muscles, tank tops and skinny, twiglike legs. Their normal habitat is on or around the bench or on other chest machines, grunting, and discussing broscience. These are a highly social creature, and usually spend more time talking than doing no less than 11 types of chest and arm targeting lifts. Due to a focus on upper body hypertrophy, their legs atrophy into a skinny, almost chicken legs like appearance.

Occassionally these creatures venture into more dangerous territory, such as the Power Rack, where they interrupt more serious lifters by doing curls. They are also known for not reracking weights and generally making a mess of the gym.

Due to their destructive and annoying ways, they are a known pest and invasive species. A strong focus on leg training works as a repellant and can be effective in keeping population numbers at bay.
Those brorillas need to move away from the bench. They are spending more time chatting than lifting.
viết bởi cybrwzrd 21 Tháng tám, 2013
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