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Ruthless, and powerful... The literal translation from Russian to English would mean, Storkman... "He/she who brings forth the children"... individual who pertain to this last name hold a drive, a drive stronger than others, that cause the average human abilities to be enhanced to a more sophisticated, and more determined strength of the mind, and perception... Mentally recovers from life changing events abnormally... When in love, they strive to show their utmost affection to the one, or ones that they love with outspread arms... When pushed, prepare to be warned...Individuals who pertain to such a last name are not the types to toy with... Many of which are stubborn, but all have personal set goals, and think actions in mental sequences, that are not considered natural, but more of a controlled state of mind... Every Buslovich has some form of music inclination, and thus is able to play to specific tempo's or instruments, for example, the Piano, or Trumpet... and versatility runs in the family, and thus to be versatile, and tactile in personal interests, come with great advantages to bearers of the last name Buslovich...
Person 1: Who was that guy playing at the theater the other night?
Person 2: Oh, yeah, the Trumpet soloist? That was Buslovich
Person 3: Dude, he was beast.
viết bởi InconceivableKnowledge 29 Tháng mười hai, 2010
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