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To contribute. Usually in reference to money, but can refer to anything (e.g. drugs).
1. "If we each chip in a tenner, we'll have enough money to rent a car!"

2. "If we each chip in a little bit of weed, we'll be able to roll a huge blunt."
viết bởi stoner_joesiph 02 Tháng một, 2012
Being helpful, take part in
Yo, can't you see I'm carrying this really heavy box. Come on, chip in!
viết bởi Blasgaroth 28 Tháng chín, 2008
Originating from Mario Golf, Chip-in! refers to when someone does something unexpectedly great.

Must be yelled with enthusiasm.
"Yo Tommy slept with that perfect 10 anna last night."
"Really? CHIP-IN!"
viết bởi Mikey Scheeeer 15 Tháng ba, 2010