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The time during and after the winter holidays (Christmahannukwanzadan, though Ramadon is not a winter holiday) when everyone has vaccumed out their wallets and sucked their banks dry to buy hundreds of dollars worth of unnecessary cards and presents for people because now such an act is necessary for confirming and sustaining friendly relations.

Since everyone has already starved their wallets, they then proceed to not spend anything until mid-February. As a result us retail workers lose all our hours and not only can we not recover from our own Christmas poverty but we often see the amount of money left in our bank account drop to double digits or even single digits, upon which arises a strong urge to drink--which costs money.

It's a vicious cycle and is often not escaped by the inexperienced and weak of heart.
Oh, shoot; I forgot to save up for this year's Christmas Poverty. Guess I'll starve for a week else not be able to pay rent!!

Are you feeling the Christmas Poverty too?
I feel ya, girl! I got 50 dollars to last me 2 weeks after all the bills.
At least you're on salary.
Yeah, non-paid overtime. Woohoo!

Crap next year I'm saving three hundred dollars to get myself through the Christmas Povery without begging for help from the folks.

It's February 7 today, the Christmas Poverty is FINALLY starting to lift!
viết bởi $20 left in my bank account!!! 07 Tháng hai, 2011
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