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the lead singer and guitarist of the Aussie band The Vines
Craig Nicholls can sing.
viết bởi risingheat 09 Tháng tám, 2009
Kurt Cobain fanboy and lead singer The Vines who like to play pretend and do a number of things late lead singer of Nirvana likes to do:

1) Sing and write almost identical songs as Kurt did, only worse.
2) Dress up in the same materials and looks Kurt used to wear on posters and such.
3) Keep his hair the same way Kurt did.
4) Smash his guitar on stage while trying to emulate Kurts body language and facial expression.
5) Crawl on stage the same way Kurt used to do when he was on heroin.
6) Abuse drugs the same way Kurt did (though Craig only has the stomache for soft drugs).
7) Establish a fake teenage angst eventhough coming from a good stabile background, adapting a very safe brand of Kurts self-destructiveness.
8) Abuse his audience the way Kurt did.
9) Claim he comes from the same musical background Kurt did with listening to the Beatles and originally going for Rishikesh as the bands name cause that's where the Beatles went (see; Nirvana, similarities and fake).
10) Self-diagnose himself with Asperger's syndrome cause Curt had ADHD.
Dude, Craig Nicholls is really effing fake!

Did you see that, lol! Craig Nicholls crawling on the stage trying to be Kurt Cobain! That's pathetic...

Wow, Craig Nicholls is really a shameless effing fanboy.

Seriously guys, there's more substance to Eminem than that grunge wigga poser Craig Nicholls.
viết bởi Tom_78 12 Tháng chín, 2009
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