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1. Devoted Female Sex Gamer. 2. A female who tends to play video games often, even during sexual intercourse. 3. A female who calls the names of video games during sex more than her partner's. 4. A female who has sexual fantasies about video games or thinks about video games to pleasure herself. 5. A female who acts out video games during sexual intercourse. 6. A female who won't have sex untill she prestiges on COD: MW2... twice.
1. Guy 1: "Man, my chick got to level 45 on WOW in 3 hours!" Guy 2: "Woah! How?" Guy 1: "We were having sex." Guy 2: "Looks like you hooked up with a DFSG."
2. Guy: "Yeah, baby. Say my name!" Girl:"Oh, MASTER CHIEF!!!" Guy: "You never told me you were a DFSG on RuneScape..."
3. Her boyfriend left the house and she is all alone... Time to pull out the Game Informer magazines, cus this DFSG has to get to work...
4. Girl: "Mr. B... You wanna help me get the ADAM? I might need your big hands..." Guy: "ROAR (Big Daddy for "Why the fuck did I marry a DSFG?")"
5. Guy: "Please baby! Come to bed... You can prestige in the morning..." Girl Yelling at examplenoobgamer123 through the headset: "You mother fucker! Who the fuck uses a fucking knife you fucking ASSHOLE! I'm bouta shove a fucking frag up your ass! Faggot!" Guy: "Please baby, be quiet... I don't want the neighbors to know you are a DFSG..."
viết bởi Joshock Brenana Tornado 16 Tháng bảy, 2010
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