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A British Ford car. Dagenham, in the county of Essex, east of London, is the best known Ford factory in the UK. Indeed it is the supposed powerhouse of the whole culture known (in the UK at least) as "Essex", a working class culture characterised as having more money than taste. Dagenham dustbins are the cars assumed to be built there there.
He drives a Dagenham dustbin
viết bởi Nuke 25 Tháng hai, 2005
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Ford Cortina. First British monocoque construction car. For many years the best selling motor car in the UK. So called because they were made in Dagenham, Essex, and were very prone to rust.
I don't know why Joe rides around in that dagenham dustbin when for the same price he could get a nice Triumph Herald.
viết bởi Steve Hemingway 24 Tháng tám, 2005
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