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A mental case, creepy stalker on Urban Dictionary who one fine day came upon a political definition he didn't approve of, so then proceeded to obsessively stalk the author's definitions ever since. He cheats by using bots to vote them down 20-30 times a day; makes his own new fake definitions, and cheats by using bots to vote those up 20-30 times a day. Even more hilarious, this freak turns around and accuses others of basically doing the exact same shit he is doing. That my friend, is called a hypocrite. No one cares what a hypocrite thinks, especially a leftist hack shill who is either a perverted loser who can't get laid so stalks certain women with opposing political views, and/or works for a Soros-funded group.
Def0xifier / Defoxifier / Defauxifier / De-foxifier / PhrostyinPhilly / Chefs_Salty_Phrosted_Balls/ Republican$$uck, et al. is a leftist hack who cannot stand anything negative said against his messiah, Obama. Come on, anyone whose first username was "Republican$$uck" and later "DeFOXifier" is obviously just here for one reason. One of those blowhards who thinks anyone who disagrees with Obama must be GOP and/or far-right. I am so glad this person does not live near me or I'd probably catch him peeping though the bathroom window every night at me naked to see what I'm doing, while he jacks off to head shots of Obama. Chris Matthews, is this you?
viết bởi Stalker Be Gone! 05 Tháng mười hai, 2013

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