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Euphemism taken from the world of snooker. Descriptive of that time of the month where a girl has "the decorators in", as in............
I am snooked behind a red and all that is left on is a Difficult brown
viết bởi sciross scoross 27 Tháng chín, 2007
The process of giving it to someone up the butt.
A 2011 quote from Sinead O'Connor's blog:

"Let me now take time to make VERY clear that yes I 'do anal' and in fact I would be deeply unhappy if 'doing anal' wasn't on the menu, amongst everything else$$ So if u don't like 'the difficult brown'.. Don't apply..."
viết bởi rebornfungus 04 Tháng chín, 2011
not being able to 'pot the pink' due to time of month, so one must go for the 'difficult brown'
Ewwww your bleeding ... turn around
viết bởi PsychoPoo0_o 14 Tháng hai, 2004