Dominique maelyn nesheim is a beautiful talented amazing young lady:) she is always happy and funny and just so crazy! Sometimes her friends think she is so weird... She is very outgoing and positive. Anyone who knows her is lucky to have her as a friend because with out her you would be confused and alone. She is brighter than the sun! Dominique is very attractive any boy would be willing to date her.she is always in Gods hands. Her name isn't just something her parents gave her its a name that was put in there heart and mind given by God to give to her. She can tend to get frustrated but can never be so mad at anyone or anything.Dominique can never be serious, if she try's she starts to laugh or choke up. Most of all she is a daughter of Christ. And in his hands she lets him guide her thought the struggles.
Dominique: beautiful and full of love. Amazing and so smart.
viết bởi Dominique N. 13 Tháng mười một, 2013
Top Definition
An extremely hot female,
with large boobs
beautiful eyes and smile
and a nice butt.
I totally want that dominique over there
viết bởi DestineeDaisy 01 Tháng hai, 2009
the name of a girl, but no ordinary girl, a Dominique is someone special. a Dominique is someone that will walk into your life and change it for the better. odds are you'll never find another person like Dominique in your life. you should be honored to know her let alone befriend her. . . let alone get to date her. she makes for an exceptionally amazing girlfriend, always doing the right thing. believe me, you will eventually fall for her. and maybe you'll be lucky enough for her to fall for you. for you ever get the chance to date her, hold her tight and Never let go... make her feel like the only person in the world you could ever love... because i assure you, she'll make you feel the same.
guy 1:dude, Im dating Dominique!
guy 2: No ways man! that girl is a catch!
guy 1: yeah a catch im not throwing back
viết bởi Fishi=) 11 Tháng chín, 2010
common name for a girl, for example, Dominique Dixon. The name literally means "of God", hence, a blessing, an angel. Though not all girls named Dominique are angels, not all are temptresses or evil either. Very hard to define seeing as they are all diffrent and unique and beautiful in her own way.

Note: Dominique is a female french name, Dominic is an americanized male name, derived from the female name, Dominique is not a male name, though it is used as one, but hell a tomatoes a fruit, but its used as a vegtable, shit happens
Her: "Hi, im Dominique"
Him: "Wow, what a beautiful name"
Her: "oh thank you, Its french you know..."
viết bởi DominiqueD.D. 23 Tháng ba, 2008
The origins of this word/name can be traced back to the ancient text of the Andradians and UncoCott. There are 2 meanings that have been found. Dominique literally means "light of my heart" and as a symbol meant.."The angel who was sent down to prepare this world for the return of God's Son." Females of this name are from birth known to be very intelligent, funny, always on the go, great writers/storytellers and attractive. to say that they attract all forms of life. This may stem from the fact that have been sent by God. Our names choose us..not our parents choosing them. If you are lucky enough to have made a friend named Dominique, always remember that she has chosen you. Although they easily make friends, they are very picky with whom they share loyalty and true friendship. If you befriend a Dominique, never let that friendship leave's a blessing from your God 0 : )
I feel sad when i haven't seen Dominique for a while, then when i finally do, the sun is shining in my heart again.
viết bởi UncoCott 26 Tháng chín, 2010
A top notch chick who is often hated, mostly imitated but never duplicted. the realest bitch, every female hates or wants to be her and every man wants her. she hated on mostly, shes too much too handle. SO SEXY. u wish u had all of that. Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. book smart and street smart. concieted for a good reason.
Guy1: "What's Shorty's name?"

Guy2: "Oh thats Dominique Fine ass!!"

Guy1: "Should've known that was her name cause she got Class, Sass and hella Ass."

Guy2: "u aint got no chance with that man trust me I tried"

Guy1: "She too Hot too handle, with a name like that"
viết bởi uwishuhadaldis 06 Tháng hai, 2010
Beautiful girl with full grown breasts. Has beautiful dark brown eyes that you just want to stare into until you fall asleep. Her laugh is out of this world and is very much so contagious! Everyone wants to be like Dominique, everyone.
Rosalie: My best friend is totally like A Dominique! She is beyond amazing.

Chad: She's my girl, forever and always. Dominique is my love.
viết bởi shit4brainz 22 Tháng chín, 2011
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