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Emily is a beautiful girl, with adorable brown eyes that shine and captivate! With the cutest smile you've ever seen, one that when looked at you smile yourself! She's a girl that loves and is open minded, that will stick by you when you're down. A girl with a huge heart, who just gets treated unfairly and misunderstood. Who saves others by just being beside them, but when she needs saving few are beside her. She's gorgeous beautiful and out, whoever has an Emily will be the luckiest alive in the whole galaxy. Treat her right love her and she'll love you back. She's nice, caring, sweet, never says any wrong about you. Willing to defend you from anyone. She's full of wierdness, randomness and flaws but still perfect! I love the Emily i have! Oce you have one you never want to lose her and if you do, life won't be the same.. She changes you're miserable life and makes it better.
She has a huge heart, she's an Emily!
I'm so lucky i have an Emily.

Feeling like a billionare cause of my Emily
viết bởi oreo'smilky 28 Tháng ba, 2013
Condescending bitch.
Emily made me feel dumb yesterday. She's kind of a condescending bitch.
viết bởi lahve 08 Tháng hai, 2010
A bitch. Someone who constantly steals other people's boyfriends. She plays games, talks shit behind your back and lies to you constantly. This kind of girl will never really love or commit to you. She cheats on every boyfriend she ever has, and usually has a full time boyfriend on the side...sometimes even a girlfriend.
"Dude, that Emily totally slept with my boyfriend."

Guy - "She cheated on me."
Friend - "What an Emily move, man."
viết bởi gamergrl2008 14 Tháng mười hai, 2010
a christen girl who stalks her friends then when they show an ounce of origanalty she turns her back on them and spreads lies. a terrible friend. often with overbearing mothers who harrass's her friends when they are not exactly like her
who is THAT
dude stay away thats Emily
viết bởi WiccaLover 22 Tháng mười, 2010
a true b**ch. doesn't deserve all the good stuff that happens to her. will betray friends, family. and even her boyfriends. especially if it's spelled like EMELY. big LIAR.
Poor guy, he must have dated an emily.
viết bởi heaven*11 15 Tháng chín, 2010
"Emily" is much more fun than many activities, including bowling, skiing, etc. Time is much better spent with Emily than any other character or activity. She makes you laugh when bowling pins don't.
Emily is more fun than bowling.
viết bởi sillygoose123 07 Tháng tư, 2010
(1). The only thing larger than her ego is her breasts.

(2). When a girl is constantly on her period that even her hair turns red.
(3). A Naggy bitch
Dude, she is so Emily right now.
viết bởi cleaning crew 02 Tháng tám, 2010
a complete bitch. she is very insecure and though she seems tough she is actually very scared, you just have to comfront her and she will cry. she is mean to anyone and everyone for a cover up of her own inseurity. there is really only one synonym for the word "emily", that is BITCH. even if you think you are her best friend forever, she STILL has probably talked shit about you.
Emily talking to someone who is not of her 'approval' forsay: You are really ugly and nerdy hahhahah (sticks out her ass and no boobs) and fat! nobody likes you.
viết bởi Yeshyeshyesh fdkh 04 Tháng tư, 2010