Emo just means emotional it does not mean that you sit alone in your room and cut your self and do drugs. Most emos don't do drugs, cut themselves, have eating disorders or and of that garbage. Pretty much the most radical part of being emo is just being a vegetarian. Being emo is not a bad thing either
There are Plenty of emos who i know and love but one who i can just think of off the top of my head is Pete Wentz he does not do drugs he does not cut himself the most radical thing he does is wear eyeliner. and as a mater of fact i am emo the most radical thing i have done is gone Veg.
viết bởi Jtm13575 22 Tháng mười, 2007
A faggot that has no friends, most kill themself and get raped by there dads
Im a emo looser, im a dirty faggot and gets bonnas over my dad and mum
viết bởi Jesse Montana 20 Tháng mười, 2007
A subculture that has turned to posers recently who call themselves emo
True "emos" actually are sensitive and caring but usually arent happy with life because of something wrong inside or somthing wrong at home.To them the name is Derogitory.

Anyone who actually calls themself or names their music emo are posers who are attentionwhores so they follow trends and act "emo" dress "emo" and only hang around "emos"
Poser1: OmG im an emo!!
*has tight cloths on creepy screamo shirt and eye covering hair that sticks up in the back*

poser2:ZOMG ur sooo hard core

person: noobs you dont know what its like you communist B*st*rds
viết bởi Ferril Ewok 02 Tháng mười, 2007
Okay. I'm gonna give you my insight on the word emo. Emo isn't:
- Wrist slitting
- Suicide thinking
- Tight jean wearing
- Scarves year-round
- Face covering hair
- Converse
- Depresing music with pointless choruses
-Crazy eye make-up

Emo has concepts which are hidden behind stereotypes and MTV's lies. Emo isn't simply a way to dress. Nor is it an easy way to get girls. Emos may wear tight clothes and worn out shoes. Worn our shoes are comfortable and band t-shirts support your favorite bands. Crying shows your not made of stone. Writing poetry shows creativity. Emos usually write poetry about things that have happened recently in their lives. Sometimes this helps them get better insight on what happened and helps them get through it. I know it helps me get through everything. Some may even write songs. Emos usually have a reason to be emotional such as being raped, beaten, or ignored as a child, especially by someone you love.

Cutting has been stereotyped to emos. Not all cutters are emos and not all emos are cutters.

Emo music is brought from the writters' experience in relationships and family issues in some case. I believe the music tells kids that they're not alone in the world. Sometimes you need that feeling when you feel alone and useless.

For everyone that thinks emos all sit in dark corners and cry as they slit their wrists, I think you're wrong. They may sit in dark corners and they might cry, but it's not your problem. You don't like them then stay away from them. They are coping with their own problems that don't need to put up with the shit you're giving them too. Get a fucking life. If you have nothing better to do then make fun of them, you must be a fucking loser.

Losers w/ no life ragging on emos.

Kyle- Dude, did you see that emo kid?
Matt- I know dude, did you see his eyeliner? What the fuck is up with that?
Kyla- Dude, I know. His pants were like so fucking tight. You could practically see his dick.
Matt- Dude, why do you know that???
viết bởi kaylaxhatesxthexworldx 08 Tháng chín, 2007
This is my definition of emo based on a conversation with my "emo" son and his friends because...well I can. I have concluded that there is no definition of emo. I was told that THEY are unique individuals, which by my upbringing describes everyone on the planet. Oh, they listen to a certain type of music (don't we all), they wear bleak-colored clothing, have piercings and are emotional.

So here goes my definition....Emo people are an excuse to hate everyone around you and mutilate yourself. Nothing more in a world of take-a-pill, make excuses for not doing anything with your life and blame everyone else for your condition. After intercepting a letter from my emo son's emo girlfriend, I read "I hate my big sister. She is such a b$#*ch and doesn't pay attention to me. Cutting and suicide seem so real right now." Every teenage girl that has a big sister hates her at one point in her life. And this lifestyle has been perpetuated by leaving our children alone, not teaching them proper values of life, not looking into what they are doing.

If the emo children were brought up in my household they would be thinking...."oh yeah exactly, cutting sounds so glamorous." Obviously, sarcastically. Can't these kids just be individuals with differences without all the loathing they portray????

Anyway, this comes from a 40 year old mom with wild hair, tattoos, piercings, listening to heavy metal music (along with all other genres). Am I emo????????
Emo people living in disgust
viết bởi Appalled 30 Tháng tám, 2007
A person of indiscriminate gender.
Bi-curious tendencies.
Unawareness of gender roles.
An excuse for guys, to act like girls.
Someone who wears expensive shrunken clothes to express their pessimism of the world.
A person who of high-class, but searches for a good excuse, to appear unaccepted and to act like they've had a hard life.
Rick: Hi
Emo: ...
Rick: You look sad.
Emo: I am sad.
Rick: Why?
Emo: I'm always sad.
Rick: Is there any thing I can do?
Emo: Want to release our pain through the cutting of flesh.
Rick: ?!?!
viết bởi The Ruffio 04 Tháng tám, 2007
Modern-day punk rock music genre. Emo music can be associated with any not-so-rebellious punk rock.
Not to be associated with any persons wearing tight pants, "cutting themselves", and boohooing about how much life sucks.
The people who claim to be emo are nothing more than emotional punk-rockers. Nuff said.
"Emo" kid: *cuts wrist* I'm so depressed. Life sucks.

Punk rocker: *spray paints on walls* Down with the establishment!

Emo is basically the evolved form of a punk rocker. Sad.
viết bởi Armthehobos 27 Tháng bảy, 2007
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