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Florence and the machine is an indie/alternative/experimental british band.

Florence Welch is the namesake of the band and is often described as having a sensational voice which is very true. The machine is her backing band, with Tom Monger as her harper and Isabella Summers as the keybordist, along with four other positions in the machine that are filled in permantly. Their first single was Kiss with a fist, the second was Dog days are over, the third was Rabbit heart(raise it up) the fourth was Drumming song, the fifth was You've got the love, the sixth was Hurricane drunk. Dog days was was re-released as the next single. It is believed that cosmic love is her next single.
The bands first ep was Lots of love, lots blood, with Kiss with a fist and Are you hurting the one you love.
The bands first album was "lungs". The regular edition has 13 tracks, and there is an U.S. edition version with a dvd with six videos. there is also mutliple versions of the deluxe version.

Florence and the machine is a very talented band and the U.S. should really listen to herl
Florence won the critics choice award at the Brit awards 2009 and Mastercard best album award at the brit awards 2010.
They have also won lots of other awards.
Flofan: Did you hear Florence and the Machine's album
person: Not yet, but I heard she won best album at the brit
Flo Fan: you should check her out
several hours later
Person: Your right'! Florence is a good singer, no wonder

she won best album!
#florence #and #the #machine #welch
viết bởi KnowaboutFLo 05 Tháng tư, 2010
1 Word related to Florence and the Machine
When you have a small cock but really big balls - named after the band of the same name.
"oi bruv, i just saw florence and the machine in the mens toilets."
#groin #crotch #hello #yeah #badman
viết bởi purepremium100 21 Tháng tám, 2011
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