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1. Giving a Girl an Orgasm

2. A Girl Orgasming

3. A Pussy Exploding of Cum
Dude 1: Yo Man, I Gave My Girlfriend The "Flower Bomb"

Dude 2: Oh Good Job Bro
viết bởi Jawntello 21 Tháng một, 2012
Sending someone flowers to a place he or she will be embarrassed to receive them.
On Valentine's Day we all chipped in to flowerbomb that fat, squidly guy at work by sending him a dozen roses from "A Secret Admirer."
viết bởi DouggieData 12 Tháng một, 2013
another word for a p*ssy fart
flower bombs do NOT smell like roses.
viết bởi Mike-Hooch 17 Tháng một, 2012
the act of shitting on ones chest after gently laying flowers across their body
john: ohh genie i love you so much, im gonna do something hot
...time passes and he flowerbombs her

genie: ohh john thats too hot, i love u too...mmmmMMMmmm
viết bởi elemeno 09 Tháng ba, 2008