gorhsip is like gore music like metal so basically its metal for God CHRISTians listen to it... i personally love it... its metal w/a twist thats not so dark but in the same way... so you can listen to itw/o bein all depresed or w/e just another type of music
gorship music includes teh devil wears prada. as cities burn. august burns red. with blood comes cleansing. impending doom. as i lay dying. sleeping giant. bloodlined calligraphy. underoath.
viết bởi ♥xXx♥lavinia♥xXx♥ 25 Tháng một, 2009
Top Definition
This word is first used in Impending Doom's song Silence the Oppressors. The song is written for anyone who says that death metal and Christianity cannot go together. The song is about breaking down walls and being a light in a scene that no other Christian has ventured into... a scene known for Satanic worship.
At the end of the song Silence the Oppressors they scream "this is our church, this is our worship, Gorship! The question was brought up in an interview "What exactly is Gorship?" Band member, David, replied "Gorship is our gore sounding music mixed with worship for God, put them together and you get Gorship!" The band's myspace says the same thing in a blog.
Impending Doom along with a few other main stream, and many local bands is one of the first in a new generation of Christian death metal. The scene is being transformed and pits that used to shout six six six are now throwing their fists around for a reason. Like king David in the Bible, they are dancing with all of their might. Thanks to bands like Impending Doom, they are dancing in worship for the lord Jesus.... Gorship!

"our church, our worship, Gorship!"
viết bởi sethbowers123 29 Tháng một, 2009
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