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A city in Colorado. Despite the seemingly perfect appearance, things in Greenwood Village are far from the ordinary. Cops have nothing better to do than write tickets for tobbaco, minor in possesion, or skating tickets. Every one who lives there is sure to make at least 400,000 a year, in order to afford the drug rehab their kids are sure to have to go through. Garages and cars are run bare from the punk-ass teens constantly looking for more money then daddy or mommy gives them. The main school is Cherry Creek High School. Your typical oversized suburban high school with more than their fair share of preppy bitches and misfits. The teachers and security gaurds are bribed easily with a bowl of ganja. Parties that are thrown are sure to be no more than 30-40 people getting fucked up and stupidly dancing to KS. 1075. Some hoe is going to end up sleeping with an equally hoeish girls boyfriend, which will be "the latest news" for the next 3 weeks, until it happens again, at the next shitty party. This place, is truly a shit-hole in a urinals clothing.
Damn, This place aint no fucking Greenwood Village, Co!
viết bởi Davee Day 13 Tháng năm, 2008

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