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IKOV |ikäəv|
adjective/abreviation "Insured Kelly Osborne Vagina"

Definition(independent):not likely to be true or to happen or to be believable, impossible, unlikely : this account of events was seen by the jury as most ikov.
• unexpected and apparently inauthentic : the characters have ikov names.

History: In the valuation and insurance business of hollywood starlettes it has become commonplace for certain body parts to be insured so as to prevent a loss in injury to the studios, ie legs, lips, face, etc. The most beautiful of starlettes have even gone to great lengths to get their vaginas insured. For example, it was recently reported in United States Weekly that Natalie Portman's vagina was insured at $8.2 million dollars. This was in anticipation of her large role in Black Swan and her soon to be born child, which many actuaries think will destroy its value. Kelly Osborne, however, will probably never have to have her vagina insured. It is simply improbable and there is little to no market value for her vagina. Therefore, it can be said that an Insured Kelly Osborne Vagina is very IKOV.

ikovility |-ˌilitē| noun ( pl. -ties)
ikovably |-blē| adverb
ORIGIN early 21st cent.: from the English KOV, meaning horrible, unappealing, unamazeballs.
This account of events was seen by the jury as most ikov.

The characters have ikov names.

Jack and Jill not tumbling down the hill is highly ikovable.
viết bởi literarygeeant 27 Tháng hai, 2011

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