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1) A guild in the World of Warcraft that means "We Kill and Die Forever in game." It is an Alliance Guild. Horde can't join it sorry :(.

2) It has 3-4 other copycats the one I am defining is the one on the Bronzebeard Realm.

3) Created by Adathor of the Bronzebeard Realm.

4) A sanctuary away from the pressures away from keeping up with the latest and greatest gear and instead has fun socializing and meeting their goals at their own pace.

5) A guild that is the only one known to the Bronzebeard Realm to have attempted to Launch Lunar Fireworks in game once a day for 8 days in observation of Hanukkah and is famous for partying with Sulfuron Slammer the In game Alcohol that lights your foot on fire and two of them when consumed within seconds of each other will get you smashed.
1) Adathor: (Sings) We are Infinite Death! We Kill and Die Forever! From the Great Seas to the Twisting Nether we will kill our foes together!

Random Horde Player Orcish: Can I join?
AdathorCommon: Sorry I can't understand what you said due to the in game language barrier.

2) Adathor: Hey guild did you hear about the copycats on Even though I am a little annoyed by it there is a part of me that is flattered and feels our guild is well named if people will copy it.

Guild Member: Yeah a copycat reflects well on your choice in guild names.

3) Adathor: I am so proud of the guild name I chose and all who inhabit it.
Unamused WOW Gamer: Good for you.

4) Leveling Gamer: Woohoo I just hit the level cap! Now time to enjoy helping others get to where I am and maybe Pwn a few hordes in bgs just for the heck of it.

5) Random World of Warcraft Gamer 1: hey did you see that party last night?

Random World of Warcraft Gamer 2:Yeah it was tight they had sulfuron slammer and festive fireworks. It couldn't have been cheap.
viết bởi Adathorrules 24 Tháng một, 2011
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