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A general insult to anyone for anything. A cross between Jew and helicopter.

I gunna cut you ya god damn jewcopter!
#jews #helicopter #gay #fag #foobag
viết bởi Jamal Rakens 07 Tháng mười hai, 2008
A helicopter made from salvaged parts found at the bargain bin. Jewcopters tend to be quite dodgy as the parts are usually made by stereochinks to ensure minimum wages and cost production. The jewcopter has many weapons like white phosphorus to dump over UN schools in Palestine. Another common feature is the Jew-strike, the ability to drop 20 Jews simultaneously in magnetic suits to pick up loose change.

Over recent years the jewcopter has evolved into a sentient being, and a war is in the making. Since Jewcopters have evolved they are known to be quite desperate, often sodomizing men, women, children, animals, corpses and even plants. A jewcopter can turn into a nuclear jewbomb, converting anyone in a 200km radius into Jews. IF a bomb like this were to hit the east coast of America it would be fatal for the world's economic resources because the JewPU (Jewish Central Procssing Unit) is unable to invest, donate and trade.
Boy: Aww Jenny your dad doesn't have a helicopter, its a fucking Jewcopter.

What that a bird, was that a plane?
No it was a jewcopter.

A.Fuck Run!
A.That jewcopter just raped that little girl.
#stereochinks #jewcopters #jews #helicopter #cheap
viết bởi GWinstonB 06 Tháng bảy, 2009
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