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An adverting jingle that gets stuck in your head. An unwanted piece of music that it is harder to shake than a dingleberry stuck to your short hairs. A tune wedgie or earwig with commercial purposes.
What's that you are humming?

Oh man. I was watching football all weekend and now I got a Chevy Truck jingleberry. "It is OUR country...." Just shoot me.
viết bởi david Somers 09 Tháng ba, 2007
When a dog or cat has a dingleberry as a result of eating Christmas things such as tinsel or ribbon.
(Cat runs by with dingleberry hanging out)
Bob: Is that tinsel?
Joe: Yep, must be a Jingleberry.
viết bởi imaginarypoet 21 Tháng mười hai, 2009
a Dingleberry during the Christmas holidays.
Man, I sat on the bowl on Christmas eve with a jingleberry. I thought I would never get rid of it.
viết bởi Mr. JMA 07 Tháng mười hai, 2006
When a man is having sex with a woman with an excess of butthair, and he unloads his jizz into the butthair. After a short amount of time, the jizz hardens and forms jingleberries.
Girl 1: Man I had sex with this guy last night, and now my butthair is stuck together.

Girl 2: Did you check if you have Jingleberries?
viết bởi The Creek 31 09 Tháng hai, 2011
Those annoying snowy clumps of dog fur that cause a dog to sit down and chew her butt have been officially named "Jingle Berries" in honor of their similarities to the ones of Dingle variety
While out sledding, the dog got a huge Jingle Berry and had to sit down to chew it.
viết bởi VT dog owner 02 Tháng một, 2010
A gram of marijuana
"ey Morgan bro, can i get a jingle berry off ya for tonight?"
viết bởi fuckyomum 28 Tháng tư, 2009
chunks of dried blood on a chicks pubes.
like dingle berries.
an insult to call a dude preferably.
you should always shave so you dont have jingle berries, nasty.
viết bởi groupie#1 15 Tháng một, 2007