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This is a rare disease which leads to a lot of crazy hysterical smiling (when looking at your phone or either), you start forgetting stuff especially day of the week (you feel like you are possessed) and you develop a sudden interest in American traditions. In severe cases of this disease people have been seen writing cheesy lines, becoming poets, becoming future tellers or take up other forms of romantic literary works (which they have never done before in there whole life). Please bear in mind this disease in completely incurable and no remedy has been found till date.
General carrier of this disease are people from US east cost with major concentration around 150 mile radius around Pittsburg PA. You are most likely to get this virus when you bump into people from this region and end up spending a lot of time with them.
Mate 1 - Whats up with you? You seem lost all the time and laughing randomly
Mate 2 - What should I say its a long story.
Mate 1 - I love long stories, I have nowhere to go
Mate 2 - I went to the doctors and he has diagnosed me with a bad case of K. I'm K positive, I think I got it on my travels.
Mate 1 - Hmm... Nothing we can do there! Im sure you will love it.
viết bởi Centurionz 15 Tháng mười, 2013

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