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Kosher for Passover
Able to be consumed by Jews during Passover
"Can I eat this bread if I'm Jewish?"
"No way, man, it's not KFP since it has yeast in it."
viết bởi JewForensicsGirl 03 Tháng tư, 2010
986 148
Panda Express

An acronym for Kentucky Fried Panda - The term comes from a couple episodes of the Simpsons where it is the equivalent of Panda Express.
I'm gonna head on over to kfp and get some lunch
viết bởi angstd 13 Tháng sáu, 2011
4 4
stands for Kentucky Fried Pussy, meaning a very ugly pussy. Also mean the pussy has a horrible smell to it.
Man this girls got mad KFP.
Woah dude, I went down on that girl and got a whiff of that girls KFP.
viết bởi whiskeyfanatic 22 Tháng ba, 2011
4 24
kentucky fried pigeon, instead of kfc ,kentucky fried chicken.
"Hey mate lets go get some kfp"
"MMMMMMMM"replied dave,"KFPs the best thing that happened to the world since the goverment had every pigeon andsea gull in the world killed",yeah replied tom
viết bởi Linden Smith 08 Tháng bảy, 2006
16 367