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A Katie-Anne is a joyful person who is a great listener, a great friend, and always there when you need her - no matter what. She is a classic beauty with great style and endlessly changing hair color. She loves everyone, helps anyone, wears her heart on her sleeve, and usually gets hurt. She is overly sensitive, and she will be made fun of her whole life for not being "normal" enough. She is smart and wise beyond her years. She has dreams bigger than anyone and determination to boot. She likes unorthodox things, and prides herself on being different. Whenever she sees something slightly amusing, she bursts into infectious laughter that cannot be stopped that involves her shaking, pointing at the object she finds funny, and turning red due to lack of oxygen. Be careful though, Katie Annes are stubborn and impulsive creatures. If you make her angry, you are likely to lose an eye or have things such as history textbooks, cell phones, umbrellas or potted plants thrown at you. The Katie Anne, though, is a sweet, beautiful, and loving creature, with an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure, and most who meet her love her to death.
"That girl is such a Katie-Anne!"

"Look at her - she must be a Katie-Anne!"

"I would give anything to date a Katie-Anne.."
viết bởi Fried_pickles_and_okra 05 Tháng hai, 2010
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