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The Hindu Goddess of wealth, which bestows people with wealth, wellbeing and prosperity. The goddess is worshipped especially on Diwali day, the biggest hindu festival in a year.
The significance of Goddess Lakshmi is known to man since ancient times.
Lakshmi can make millionare in a tick and turn human suffering and grief into happiness.
Bill Gates the Microsoft chief is the richest man in the world is bestowed with billions due to blessings of Goddess lakshmi!
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viết bởi Tony HK 05 Tháng tám, 2006
the epitome of the all-perfect girl. she has the butt, the hair, and the guys. never leave your man around her, because she will snap him up. the guys are always surrounding her, not because she's beyond gorgeous, but because there's something about her that they can't define. everybody who meets her falls in love with her, and even if she has any enemies, they are people that don't matter anyway. the key to everything she has is her confidence, it lets her get away with anything. lakshmi is probably the most sexy and amazing person you will ever meet, and if you're an attractive guy, you better watch out, because you will end up falling for her.
Girl 1: Look at her! Shes freaken perfect.
Girl 2: I know, she's such a Lakshmi!
#lakssshmi #lakshmi #perfect #gorgeous #sexy #amazing
viết bởi ~Saldksjdkls 22 Tháng một, 2009
The Lakshmi. It is a thinking process often used in the subject of mathematics. Preferably used in geometry. All that has to be done is to stare with intense focus and look at the problem with a passion for a loooong time until you find your answer. The Lakshmi is a time consuming process but worth it when you get the answer right... or not on your test. The thought process is often used in Hehs.
Marta: Ugh.. I could'nt figure out that problem on the math test, so I did The Lakshmi.
Hailey: Really? Me too!
#lakshmi #thinking #process #mathematics #hehs
viết bởi afiga'ofdihgoairfg 27 Tháng mười một, 2009
A totally self-concious girl who is constantly asking if she looks okay. Usually Indian. Loves Rock Music. Likes writing but can't write for shit. Usually very lazy. Won't do stuff herself. Very annoying.
Girl 1: Omg...She is always like Do I Look Okay?
Girl 2: YEAH! She's a Lakshmi for shizzle.
#annoying #self #conscious #indian #look #okay
viết bởi Water Baby 30 Tháng bảy, 2009
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